January 22, 2013

Quoting things

Sometimes the snark in me gets away with ill-fitting thoughts.  My reactions may not be popular, but they are mine and I'm allowed to dish on a few inspirations, no?

I've learned that sometimes it is okay to snap at the barrista when she fucks up your order and gives you the wrong flavor shot in your morning coffee after she confirmed your order 3 times.

Sometimes courage is just getting enough gumption to go # 2 in the office ladies room when you know there is someone else in there.

I am also I run away from jogging to the nearest Chic-Fil-A and ordering an entire party-size tray of nuggets with dipping sauce.  And not sharing.

An $8 bottle of a good chardonnay also cheap medicine. Promise.

 So was that table dance in the bar I did in college to impress the boys..........before falling down and bruising my entire left leg.


  1. LOL, your Chick-Fil-A comment made me laugh! For me it would be a chicken sandwich, though. LOVE their chicken sandwiches.

  2. LOL! Coffee is very important. It is not to be messed with.

  3. So true about the bathroom. I still can't do it though!

  4. For #2: instead of feeling ashamed, get annoyed with the person that comes in and uses the stall *right new to you*, even though there are 4 other stalls available. ;)

  5. You are hi-frickin-larious! Love this.