January 28, 2013

Expensive kicks

These shoes are the bane of my existence.  For about 5 months every time I wore them I felt like I was walking on clouds.  Their support, the cushioning, the laces.  It was all just, you know, right.    
 A match made in heaven.  
 Like J-Lo and Casper.   
Or like Taylor Swift and the Kennedy kid, oh wait, the British boy-bander kiddo.   
You know, those long-lasting relationships in H-wood.
They are always so, right, ya know?

Until it wasn’t, you know, right.  And because these shoes cost $140, I have hesitated to purchase a new pair.  Long distance running does not equate to keeping shoes for more then 300 miles at a time because they break down, lose support, start to fail you, make your toes hurt like a mouse backing it’s ass into a trap and then getting the shit clamped out of its tail.  True pain.  These babies have close to 500 miles logged onto their soles.  I’ve been too cheap to fork over another $140. 

If I don’t belly up to the cash register with a new pair in hand my knees are going to give out.
My back will hate me.
My ankles will begin to roll.

Some Kenyans would laugh because even the most formidable runners believe that barefoot running is the most natural form of running.  I prefer the cushion technology and brand name makes me run like I know what I am doing…which is really just a ruse. 

I do run.
Been at it one full year now.
And, until my knees give out or my feet fall off, I hope to continue training.
With a nice NEW pair of kicks.
For $140 + tax.
When did running equate to being an expensive hobby? 


  1. At least with running there are no monthly fees! :) That is a pricey pair of shoes, but I know what you mean. When you find the right ones, you gotta stick with them!

  2. Good shoes are totally worth it. I have friends who are marathoners and it's amazing what all goes into that. You'd think running would be getting outside and moving quickly. Nope, it's a science of its own and can come with some expensive accessories.

  3. I plan to buy a new pair of walking tennis shoes tomorrow. It does get expensive especially if you exercise a lot! I never knew shoes only last a few months!