June 12, 2012

And then he was gone

Summer romances are always a good time.  I suppose the reason they are called summer flings is because they are short lived.  Another one goes down the drain in my book.  Swooshing around every so rapidly trying to find its way to the bowels of the waste system.  Flush, flush good-bye.

I reconnected with an old colleague about 6 weeks ago.  Randomly.  Hadn't seen the fellow in 13 years and out of the blue he pops back into my life.  We actually went to college together but didn't become friends until later.

In 1998 we started new jobs together after college.
In 1999 he moved to DC.
In 2002 I moved to San Fran.
In 2003 I moved back to Dallas.
In 2004 I moved back to San Fran.
In 2006 he moved to Dallas.
In 2007 I moved to DC.
In 2009 I moved back to Dallas.
In 2012 at a dinner table in downtown Dallas we met again.

And have been casually hanging out ever since.
June 2012, he moved to Austin.

There you have my luck.
He's gone.
It was always casual.
I never let myself go there knowing he would move.
I never spoke a word about it to him.
It was always just casual.
The universe is out to get me.
The dating Gods hate me.

He's not even bat shit cray-cray like some of my more recent dates.
He actually has a brain.
And never stood me up.
Or went MIA mid-date and left me with the tab and a sob story.
He doesn't care about the emblem on his car.
And wears matching clothes.
With a belt.
Doesn't have a cat.
And makes me laugh.

But he's gone now.
Our short fling is over.
I'm debating on whether I am sad or not.
Mostly the career keeps me in check with little time to gallivant around town.
So, I will cough this little time up to a nice 6 weeks.
And hope one day I can find someone more permanent.
And funny.
With matching socks.


  1. No. He left? How did you guys leave things?

  2. Is dating someone in Austin totally out of the question? I likewise want to find someone in Dallas but am considering a guy in Austin. Not ideal, sure, but if he's worth it?

  3. We never said a word about the status of our "relationship" given our time together this go-around was so short. I'm deathly afraid to ask and be rejected so I never brought it up. Tried to play things cool until the end. And never really let myself go there and get attached. Dating someone 3 hours away is not a big deal to me as my weeks are so packed with work and other commitments, but I have no clue what's going on in his mind.

  4. Aw, dang! Three hours isn't too far, but it sounds like you have the right attitude about it.

    1. I am loving your blog and episodes about Abraham these days!!!!!!

  5. Totally unsolicited advice, you've been warned...ASK HIM! Ask him what he thinks about you two making a go of it. Send an e-mail if you are too afraid of the over the phone or in-person convo. Austin is not too far away, you could make that work. Maybe he was afraid of being rejected by you since it was all kept so casual. Maybe both of you have the same fear. GO FOR IT!

    <end of unsolicited advice). :)

    1. He did ask me (casually) a handful of times to come down to Austin and hang while we were "dating". I took it as a nice gesture on his part the first couple of times, but he then asked a few others times. I can't tell if he is being nice or if he's really into me. And early on, he did mention to me that he wasn't looking for a girl friend so I think I'm just too gun shy to ask him. I'd rather eat liver for a week than be rejected by a boy. I know, that's lame to say at 36, but it's true.

  6. Not lame at all! I'm 36 as well and I don't think the fear of rejection in romantic relationships ever goes away. It's just human to have that, regardless of age.

    It can be hard to tell if someone is into you. If he told you he wasn't looking for a girlfriend, then it's probably best to believe that and move forward with your life. Still, you never know what can happen, life has a way of surprising us sometimes!

    Whatever you decide, you are smart, witty, and humorous, that much I can tell just from your blog so I am sure you are awesome in person as well! All great qualities that any man should be thrilled to have in a girlfriend.

  7. I would ask him. You have nothing to lose. Just set yourself up in your head to not take it personally. Go ahead, ask, and be okay with whatever he says back. He might tell you what you want to hear. Or maybe not, but at least then you can turn the page.

  8. sounds like you had a fabulous 6 weeks! I'm with all the others here in that maybe you should have that talk lol. Let us know how it does!