April 11, 2012

Running and pedicures don't go together

As an endurance distance runner (wow, did I just say that out loud for all the world to hear), I realize that investing in my piggies and getting them pampered every 3-4 weeks is not worth the ache of having the polish wear off sooner than expected, and it's not worth the gnarly look of my toes after logging 10 miles.

And it's officially open toe season here in Hell's Kitchen and while I would love to fork over $40 for a monthly splurge on my feet with a nice foot massage to boot, it just isn't worth the investment.  The polish doesn't stay on nearly long enough, the lasting pleasure of a foot rub ends all to soon and my toes are eating through my socks.

Thus, I've  stopped pampering my feet.  I've stopped falling asleep in a recliner at the salon.  I've stopped dipping my aching feet into a warm bath of sea salts and lavender smells.  Instead, I'm out buying more socks and new kicks for another round of 10-mile Saturdays.

Never thought I would be THAT girl who passed up Sunday pedicare time, but apparently training for a half marathon is better for my soul.

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