March 19, 2012

This v. that

 What I prefer to dive into.
Photo compliments of my local grocery store.

What I am diving into.
My stomach (and waistline) thank me for these and not the above.


  1. I hold the same preference. Unfortunately, my willpower lately has been pretty much nil, so there's not as much of the second picture in my life as there needs to be. Ugh!

  2. Good for you! What have you been making? I'm somewhere in between. I made a veggie enchilada casserole last night with black beans, corn, kale, red peppers, onion, and potato. But it was still enchiladas at the core, which means it had cheese and tortillas and therefore wasn't all that healthy. ;) YUMMY though. If you have any spectacular healthy recipes, share them! I'm always interested in making new things.

  3. Mmm...Little Debbie snacks.

    I do love veggies though.