March 12, 2012

I've been fantasizing about buffets

Haven't been here in a while.  Been running.  Like a lot.  Like more than I ever thought I would run in a week.  Like I am running hills and shit.  I. Don’t do hills.

We get up and run at the local lake at 7am.  On a Saturday morning.  I work from home.  When was the last time I woke up before 7 during the week let alone on a Saturday?  Maybe 2008?  Maybe that time I caught a flight to Mexico and had to be at the airport so I wouldn’t miss vacation.  That got me out of bed at the crack of dawn.  But now I get up to run.  And not to run from bad guys or to run from my problems  I’m just out there like a fool running and slogging along trying not to slow my pace group down.

Oh, but I do slow them down.  I’m the slug at the end of the pack who keeps making decisions about whether I should find the short cut back to the car or to keep on keeping on.  Half the time I am out there wogging (walking/jogging, more walking lately though), I want to bail on my group and go find the nearest buffet and belly up to the unhealthiest and fattening grease pit I can find within a 10-mile radius.  I have visions of bacon and omelets piled high with layers of cheeses.  I think about my body fighting me and telling me to divert the group path and ditch their asses. 

I find myself wondering if I am getting enough oxygen because I am struggling to catch my breath.  And then I turn to my left and a group of hot looking men with the best calves this side of the Mississippi is pacing me at what freaking looks like a gallop.  And so I find myself motivated to get back into shape, motivated to run a freaking half-marathon. 

Stupid bucket list.

We're up to 8 miles next week.  8 freaking consecutive miles.  I'd rather stuff myself with 8 greasy burgers and vomit for 8 hours straight then to slog along at 7 am  on Saturday.

But, I'll do it.
Just because.
My waistline appreciates it.
And maybe my confidence.
But I’m still allowed to bitch about it.


  1. I'm impressed friend! Keep up the great work!!!

  2. Well done!!! Running Programs + Cancer Fundraising = Brilliant Idea. I started running half marathons a couple of years ago through an organization called CanToo. It literally changed my life. I used to be such a couch potato/slug (so I can relate!) and now I love running and cant wait for my next race! You'll get there too! The euphoria you feel at the end of a big race is addictive... can't wait for you to get there!!! And yes, your body will also be thanking you for it :D

  3. EIGHT MILES?!?!?! OMG. Like eight miles of running with no stopping for walking? I'm in awe over here. I was proud when I ran for 20 minutes straight last week, hahaha! I'm soooo impressed and you may have just motivated me to get my ass in gear and up the ante. Unfortunately this past week I've been derailed by a very awful flu, and now that I am back to mostly healthy, it is BUCKETING RAIN IN SAN FRANCISCO. But as soon as the rain stops, it's back at it. And good for you--I'm so proud!!!

    1. Oh girl, don't let me fool you. We do run/walk intervals. Still by mile 5 I am about to vomit and want to cry the entire way back. We run for 3 minutes and walk for 1. It's still super hard for me.