January 30, 2012

My TV and Africa?

This weekend consisted of an entire weekend TV-free.  Had ATT Uverse wireless cable installed on Friday.

It worked when the tech was here.
Now it doesn't.
Go figure.

So, this entire weekend I screamed at the TV.  It now hates me.  I'd hate me too if I was the receiving end of my yelling, bickering and constant tirades for 48+ hours.  Like water torture for my TV, but probably worse.  Now I feel sorry for it/him?  (not really).  I needed a boy to fix my technical glitches.  No one showed up on my doorstep with a halo and a packet of tools and know-how to remedy the situation.  Even though I asked God to send someone knocking.  Whatevs.

And I missed the Real Housewives of Atlanta episode where those freak shows head off to Africa.

In last week's episode they planned a trip to Africa.

Just Africa.  

They never specified what part of the African continent their destination was.  That was helpful.  As if people in Lithuania say they are going to North America and don't get more specific.  I mean, Canada, US, New York City,  Gary, Indiana?  Let's get particular, folks.

What if I missed some tiger eating Nene on a safari?  What if Cynthia's weave gets caught up in the Sahara winds?  Or what if Marlo gets arrested for the bazillionth time and thrown into a den full human-eating coyotes? 

In case one of the RHOA reads this blog (and it is highly likely), this picture is proof there are lots of countries in Africa.  
Seriously, look at them all.  
Who knew?

It's as if these housewives believe the entire continent is the same.  Dry, hot, poor, etc.  Couldn't be further from the truth.  Not that I've been to Africa.  But when I go, I'll be more specific as to my destination so you don't have to guess.  Maybe, I'll narrow it down to a country.  If you're lucky.  And, when I'm in Africa I won't be watching cable, thus I won't be screaming at an innocent TV.

I'm still cable-less.   So I decided to wallpaper my hallway instead. 

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  1. You're a couple episodes ahead of us here obviously, we just got thru the baby shower. Because we all do semi-naked self portraits with our baby daddy, blown up 20x and put on display in the cavernous marble room we call party central. Natch.