January 23, 2012

From the sidewalk to the catwalk

I have expensive tastes but on more of a Spam and Mac n' Cheese budget.  Doesn't mean I can't gawk and awe over fancy designer clothes and runway shows.  I indulged my middle class self into the throes of high fashion and bizarre tastes this weekend.  It was delightful and magical.

Essentially, I was in awe of the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit visiting this fine city of mine.  Weird, eccentric, androgenous, under-worldly, exotic, beautiful all in one stimulating dose for my senses.

Next up, the exhibit travels to San Francisco.  Go.  Run.  Take in the video faces.  Then you'll know what the hell I'm chatting about.

Culture, though often strange, is still good for the soul.  And more people should be open-minded.

I'll get back to wearing my off-the-rack shit from the mall, but I'll favor a day when I might indulge in some pret-a-porte fashion.

I'm AmericanBridget and I should stop shopping at Gap and Banana and spend more time selecting betteroutfits that express my personality, but I'd also need a raise and a fashion coach. 


  1. I love fashion exhibits. I think Vivienne Westwood was my fave art exhibit I've seen yet. I'll be heading to this one; thanks for the heads up! I'm assuming it's coming to the De Young?

  2. @ Claire - not sure what museum, didn't state but I'd imagine it would be De Young. I think you'll love it. Just the opening room itself is so weird and yet just pulls you in with mere wonder.

  3. Very nice.

    I have no fashion sense. I wish.

  4. I need a raise, a fashion coach and a full time stylist..'member g'eranimals? Sigh.