November 14, 2011

Baby Oh Baby!

Besides being a cynical gal hanging in a big city and fretting over the trials of my Singledom, I actually do care about others.   I've been busy worrying about a little someone instead of blogging over the last week.  I've spent endless hours at the hospital sitting by a baby's side in ICU. 

I'm a volunteer for CASA (Court Appointed Child Advocates).  It's a tough, but rewarding position in which I advocate for a child(ren) who have been removed from their home due to alleged child abuse and/or neglect.  These children become a product of the court system and are often times left in the hands of CPS, group homes, foster homes or with relatives while their parents try and sort things out.

I'm asking you, Internets, for help.  Here's what...
My little CASA baby could use your prayers. He's going to have to endure a 2nd open heart surgery and he's 2 months old. He's got an amazing team of physicians, RNs and RTs, but he's had a tough time of it over the last week with surgery and having to hang in PICU. I promised the little Boo that I'd ask God for his healing ways and comfort and that I'd reach out to everyone I know to help in this effort.
He's a fighter and a champ.  And so are his doctors, nurses and RTs.

Thanks for helping Little Boo out.

And if you're interested in being the voice of a child in court, I'd love for you to think about becoming a CASA volunteer.  It's a hands-on way to actually make a difference in the life of a child.  The court system is confusing, kids get shuffled around by adults who study paperwork and processes and they deserve an active voice who recommends the best placement on their behalf.  You can find out more by going here....


  1. For some reason, Reader isn't showing your posts! I'll be praying for your CASA baby and bravo to you for doing that. I know it makes a huge difference.

  2. I saw this on facebook and will definitely say prayers for your lil guy. It's heartwrenching that anyone (especially someone so new & tiny) should have to go through this. So glad he has you. <3

  3. Praying for both of you!! What a good soul you are! CASA is tough. Sending love and God's blessings your way. Love you! xoxo

  4. Oh wow, I'll definately be praying.