September 22, 2011

Good at

Another day.  Another empty tank lacking creatively peppered ramblings mixed with a sprig of hilarity.  No posts on bad dates.  No posts about grotesque online matches (I canceled my subscription, btw).

Today I realized I am better at giving advice than taking my own medicine.  I dish out important statements when helping talk someone through a rough patch.  I point out positive things, things to be thankful for, things to look forward to.  I spit out brilliant captions that help someone's attitude mid-situation change for the better.

So why do I have a hard time taking my own advice sometimes? 

Because I lack patience. 
I want the here. 
The now. 
The I- ain't-gonna-wait-for-that. 
The instant.
The immediate gratitude.

But sometimes instant things aren't that great.
Like instant grits. 
Or instant rice. 
Or microwaved hotdogs.

Sometimes it's just better to wait. 
And take your own advice.


  1. I never take my own advice either and I really should start.

  2. Oh, patience...isn't it overrated??? I think that's the hard part of being a successful single woman. When we know what we want, we usually find a way to make it happen...however with love, it rarely works out for us.

    You DO give good advice. Learn to be patient WITH YOURSELF and keep continuing on with your journey. You're worth the great love story!!!


  3. I think I give great advice..and I NEVER listen to myself.