August 23, 2011

Rum drinks and bathing suits

In two days I am heading to blissdom.  Also known as the sunny beaches of the Pacific Ocean pocketed in Cabo San Lucas.  I can't remember the last vacation I embarked upon that did not require  prerequisite family attendance for a holiday gathering, someone's wedding or the obligatory long weekends visiting the parental units.

I plan on engaging in a healthy dose of self reflection sprinkled with emotional self cleansing.  I don't have any current life-changing drama exposing me to nervous nights of worry or days filled with exposed agitation, which is exactly why a trip like this will be about the easy steps of self-calibrating.

Healthy exposure to the sun, Vitamin D, rum-filled beverages and endless supplies of chips and salsa coupled with side orders of contentment, happiness and spiritual awareness.  It's a menu of perfection, isn't it?

I have no idea what I shall be embarking on in years to come, but for the next few days I am wholly aware my objective during this succulent relaxation period is to proceed with thoughts of thankfulness and gratitude and sun block SPF 50.

Now, if I only felt as confident in my bathing suit sitting ocean side...Black bathing suits are more sliming, right?

Because I've packed 4.


  1. I always feel best in black too! Have so much fun and slather on that sunscreen!

  2. So jealous! But I will be doing that same thing in October... and I've already bought 2 new swimsuits, both black. I get you girl.

  3. I will be in Cabo this weekend too! CAN'T WAIT! Have a fabulous trip:)

  4. Have a fabulous time! I just returned from Cozumel, Mexico a couple of weeks ago and it was a fantastic experience. Your photos look amazing and I'm thinking Cabo may be next on the list of vacation spots in Mexico for me.

    P.S. - Eat some fajitas. They are just SO good in Mexico.

  5. Have a wonderful time! I need to plan a boat drink getaway soon, too. (Which resort is this? It's gorgeous.)

  6. Wow it sounds like perfection..have a fabulous time Ryan, I'm sure you'll look great in your black suits! Enjoy :)