July 20, 2011

On why boys are like okra

As fast as it lit up, it exploded out like a spark.
And so it goes.

The trials of a 30-something dating in a world filled with people who are Just Not That Into Me.
I can take it.
I might not like it, but I can take it.

I didn’t like okra as a kid, but I forced it down.
I'm not talking about fried okra either.
Apparently I didn't learn okra could be fried until I was a young adult.
It's gross any way you serve it other than fried.
Trust me.

Boys are sometimes slimy.
Like okra.
This analogy/epiphany is fantastic.
I’m bril.

So I forge ahead into the wilderness.
Or is dating in our thirties more like a war zone?
Needless, I’ll put my battle gear back on.
To protect myself.

Until one day I see some soul raise his white flag.
And then the dating war will be over.

I write my own chapters.
This novel isn’t over yet.


  1. Oh man. I'm sorry to hear this. But you have the right attitude. Keep on keepin' on!

  2. i dig the new layout and this post. the only thing is --- okra can go in a bloody mary....

  3. I just signed back up for Match. I need to post a photo of a potential suitor - it rivals your cut out!! I'm sorry it didn't work out... but I like the attitude. xx.

  4. Yah I'm going to need his name and number... He has no idea what he's lost. MOVING on!!

  5. On to the next one. ;)
    Love this comparison. You are definitely bril.