June 23, 2011

Something for everyone

Apple really does offer something for everyone.
And by everyone, I mean EVERY one.


Browsing through the radio selects on my iTunes to find soothing music for concentration white noise, I came across this.

Tortured souls?
How sad.
Imagine life without the beams of sunshine peaking through the window.
Imagine feeling hopeless day in and day out.
Imagine forgetting what makes you smile.
Imagine being so lonely you forgot what companionship is.

I can't.
I can't imagine a life that gloomy, desperate and dark.
God is good.
All the time.


  1. yeah but it is a reality. life can be super hard for some and they may even have faith.

    it's kinda creepy though. itunes? what are they thinking? is it supposed to be EMO rock?

  2. Thanks for this reminder!!! Sometimes I need to be slapped with words of encouragement just like your "imagine ifs".


    PS - more house pics!

    PPS - just bought my fall TX trip tickets. Want to see you!

  3. hahaha I imagine this is playing in Ursula's lair (from the Little Mermaid, you know?!)

  4. Yikes!! I'm glad I can't be described as a torchered soul! I can be described in various other non-glam ways though...

  5. Amen :) and I don't want to be a tortured anything, ever...