May 25, 2011

In between

In between moving from one house to another.

In between flights in and out of Dallas over the last 3 weeks for work-related stresses.

In between horrific storms and funnel clouds.

In between moments of complete zen and utter overwhelming episodes of the realization regarding all the things I have to do.

In between my constant state of worry about how to get everything done in my personal life, my social life and my career life. . .

I have the best family and friends in the entire world.
  • My brother and sister-in-law (drop in the in-law, she's more like a sis) just celebrated their anniversary.
  • My parents and grandmother are taking time out of their lives to make the trek to Dallas to help me unpack and organize the new house.   
    • (This will become a debacle and I am sure moments of insanity and kibitzing will ensue.  I can hear my Pops screaming for the Allen wrench of which I am clueless as to what it looks like in the tool box.  I can hear my mother telling me that there's a better way to organize my closets.  I can hear my grandmother asking me when it is time for happy hour and her white Merlot.  Yes, white Merlot.  Apparently there is a such a thing.  Not to be confused with a white Zin.  I can see myself screaming at one of The Natives to please get out of the trash for the umpteenth time and leave the packing paper in the box and stop shredding it all over the new house).
  • I just booked a beach trip with one of my besties.  We are escaping the country and headed for cabana boys, drinks with fancy umbrellas and massages.
And this my friends, is just an ounce of the packing and shuttling between houses.  Just a sliver of all the stuff that needs to be packed, unpacked and put-away in its new home.


  1. AnonymousMay 25, 2011

    Woohoo! Love the living room! I can't wait to see it decorated!

  2. I hope your move goes smoothly! And yay for getting away from it all!

    Your blog is awesome, for some reason I totally missed checking it out, my lose. I'm following you back now!

  3. NatalieInSydneyMay 25, 2011

    Love your new place! Congratulations!

  4. Hope you can hang on to your sanity during this crazy - but exciting and rewarding! - time. Congrats on checking off that bucket list item.

  5. All part of the story of you & your new reading about it and look forward to hearing more :)

  6. Thanks everyone for the support! The pic shown is my current rental house, but I will post pics of the new place as soon as I get all nested in!