February 4, 2011

Friday I'm in love

Series ideation compliments of Summer B.  Go check out her blog.  Also, Claire over at Bicoastally participates in the series too.  You should head over there if you're so inclined.  Promise you won't be disappointed.

As I sit house bound again today because the frenetic winter weathery mix here in Dallas, I believe there is something soul-filled and peaceful about a good old fashioned snow fall.  Give me another day in this house and I'll go postal, but in the meantime, there is beauty in nature around these parts.

  Photos compliments of my neighbor and dear friend, Leila Williams.  
A backyard visitor and her fuzzy sidekick, Toby.

There's just something about West Elm that draws me in.  I have a few things around this old house from there, and these three pears sit on my mantle.  A trio of pairs pears.  Get it?  I love groups of three.  It's a decorating thing my Mom taught me years ago.  Good things happen in threes.

Yoga pants.
My current "suit" apparel these days.
So comfortable.  
So non-obtrusive over my fatty belly.
So ready for me to hit the gym in.
So easy to work in when you work from home.
Now if only I could manage my way to abs like hers.
Photo compliments of Altheta/Gap

Let's be very clear.  
I don't LOVE this guy, but I LOVE to make oodles of fun of him.  
He brings it upon himself.  
I can't stop myself from laughing my ass off at his ridiculous antics.  

Speaking of asses ...

Really, David Hasselhoff?
You need to advertise your "brand" on the back of your pants.  
I pity the fool.
But, thanks for the blog fodder and the belly laughs.
Keep your ridiculousness coming.
Love it.

I'm AmericanBridget and I still need to hit the gym and tone up for a gala I'm attending in March and then my cousin's wedding in April.  Perhaps today I'll manage to get out and shape up . . . .


  1. That picture of Hoff & his 'brand name' jeans did it for me :)

  2. The Hoff is hilarious. Yoga pants are the only pants I wear. And I'm terribly jealous of your winter wonderland!!